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Dry Rub is the First of its Kind

Protect your car seats and stay cool with this patent-pending sweat shield and body massager.

Protect Your Car From Nasty Smells and Stains

Dry Rub® provides a breathable yet water-proof barrier between you and your car seat, so you can go hard at the gym without your passengers ever knowing it.

Save Time After Workouts

No time to roll-out on a foam roller or lacrosse ball? Using the Dry Rub patent-pending massagers may stimulate blood flow and aid in recovery after a tough workout.

Designed + Manufactured in the USA

Dry Rub® is manufactured in 'Merica. That means high quality craftsmanship and durability. And guess what else? Your purchase helps to create jobs right here at home.

Why You'll Love It

Dry Rub (Spicy): Cover With Massagers
  • Easy to Take On and Off

    Dry Rub® is super-easy to install: simply drape over the head-rest, and you're ready to go! The non-slip backing keeps the cover in place while you drive.

  • Machine Washable

    Use Dry Rub after your workouts and just toss it in the washing machine every few weeks to keep it fresh.

  • Save Your Seats

    Sweat can damage both cloth and leather seats. The Dry Rub water-proof backing will protect your car from nasty stains and smells, while the breathable top-layer adds a layer of comfort.

  • Height-Adjustable Body "Massagers"

    Tired of rolling out on a lacrosse ball or foam roller after each workout? Our height-adjustable body massagers apply pressure to trigger points and sore muscles while you're sitting in your car.