"Best Backpack Ever" - The Picante Pack Gym Backpack + Race Bag

Simply the best way to organize your fitness gear when you're on the go. 

Are you ready to put your wet, sweaty, training gear in quarantine???

Look no further than the spiciest, most epicly awesome backpack in existence...the Dry Rub Picante Pack 🌶🔥

Will this bag help you get a PR on your barbell squat? Doubtful.

Will this bag help you run faster? Unlikely.

Will this bag help you organize your athletic gear and keep your clean stuff clean and your funky stuff, well, funky? Heck yeah it will!!! 👏

The Picante Pack is the perfect gym backpack + race bag for athletes and fitness lovers who want to keep their dirty or wet gear separate from clean clothing. This lightweight backpack features a shoe compartment, removable waterproof wet/dry pocket, and lots of places to store your gear.

The adjustable straps will ensure a proper fit around your shoulders and the hanging hook allows this backpack to be hung up in a locker room, door post or outdoor fitness event. The water-resistant outer shell will protect your gear from light rain or splashes and the inner waterproof pocket is perfect for storing a wet bathing suit or toiletries.

The Picante Pack gym backpack is the perfect fitness accessory for OCR, athletes, triathletes, runners, swimmers, cyclists, BJJ, Crossfitters and more, and includes:

  • a zippered shoe compartment
  • a water resistant outer shell
  • a zipppered waterproof detachable wet/dry pocket 
  • two outer pockets to store water bottles or nutrition bars
  • adjustable shoulder straps
  • inner pockets to store your phone, wallet, keys and more
  • stain resistant materials

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Excellent products
Thanks for your purchase, and review, James! We're so glad you're loving the Picante Pack :-)
Big Time X-FIT bag
Thanks for your purchase, and review, Christy! We're so glad you're loving the bag. Keep crushing those Crossfit workouts :-)
Best Car Seat Covers! Easy on/off
Julia, thanks so much for purchasing Dry Rub seat covers, the Spice Wrap seat belt covers, and the Picante Pack! We're SO GLAD you're loving them :-)
Picante Bag
Megan, thank you very much for your purchase, and review. We appreciate your feedback and will keep that in mind as we build out future iterations down the road. We hope you're having a great summer and are able to continue your workouts at the gym during these crazy times!
I like it
Chanel, thanks for your purchase and review! We’re glad you’re liking the Picante Pack and we hope you crush your first race :-) We haven’t noticed the fabric is noisy but if you think so then don’t go sneaking up on anyone while you wear it ;) Thanks again and best of luck in 2020!!!