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Back Pain Sucks...But These Exercises Can Help

Back Pain Sucks...But These Exercises Can Help

Let's face it - back pain sucks. It can affect your workouts and your time outside of the gym. For lots of people with back-pain, sitting down at the office or in your car can be the worst.

This week we're back with Dr. Ryan Godfrey PT of Body Therapy Inc who shares a quick-release technique and some drills you can do to get out of long-term back-pain.

In the video Dr. Ryan talks about the Quadratus Lumborum (QL) - a critical muscle when it comes to both breathing and pelvic positioning with a lot of compound strength training movements. This is usually a tender spot for most people, however using diaphragmatic breathing can help release tension in the QL and your low-back. After the release technique, there's a couple drills you can focus on from there. 

The first is in a side-plank position using resistance around the knees to activate glutes. 

The second is a farmer's carry. This is a great exercise for stabilization, but only if done properly. You'll want to think about an imaginary line in between your feet so you can avoid a super-narrow stance. 

Check out the full video below and try these tips at home. 

Back Pain Sucks...But These Exercises Can Help from Dry Rub on Vimeo.


Don't Hold Your Breath...Here's the Right Way to Do It

Don't Hold Your Breath...Here's the Right Way to Do It

Breathing Techniques for Athletic Performance

Neck pain. Should problems. Indigestion. Back pain. Believe it or not, all of these can be caused by poor posture and inefficient breathing.

In our latest video with Dr. Ryan Godfrey of Body Therapy Inc, he discusses why proper breathing - even when you're not working out - is important for your athletic performance. Whether you're driving in your car or sitting at your office chair, sitting upright and breathing properly can help you perform at your best.

Here's some highlights and tips from the video:

  • Sit upright! Slouching causes you to round-off throughout the mid-back and closes down the ability for full lung expansion. When you sit up tall, you get more space and are able to breathe more efficiently
  • Lots of people breathe just through your upper rib cage, which can lead to chronic neck pain and shoulder symptoms. 
  • The Quadratus Lumborum (QL) is a muscle that attaches to the rib cage and can contribute to low-back pain and tightness. Inefficient breathing can cause problems with this muscle. Applying direct pressure using the Dry Rub massagers can help relieve tension in this muscle
  • Dr. Ryan shows a breathing technique you can do at home or before your workout that can also help to reduce stress and anxiety 

Watch the full video, here: 

3 from Dry Rub on Vimeo.


Don't Be a Slouch! Here's the RIGHT Way to Sit in Your Car

Don't Be a Slouch! Here's the RIGHT Way to Sit in Your Car

What's your driving style - the "lean-back", the "grandmother hunch" or the "crooked neck"?

Believe it or not, the way you sit when you drive can affect your performance in the gym. In our latest video, Dr. Ryan Godfrey of Body Therapy Inc explains why bad posture can lead to problems in your favorite activity, whether you're a CrossFitter, runner, cyclist, triathlete, or surfer.  

2 from Dry Rub on Vimeo.

Posture Tips While Driving

Here's a few tips Dr. Ryan shares in the video:

  • Use the headrest! It's there for a reason. Keep your head back against the head-rest to avoid the crooked-neck or "grandmother hunch" that causes your neck to lean forward
  • Keep your shoulders back
  • Make sure you have lumbar support