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The Best Gym Bags

The Best Gym Bags

The best gym bags in 2020 are fully functional, keep your gear organized, and are stylish. You don’t just want a gym bag that’ll carry your gear, you also want something that’s going to speak for your personal style. Knowing what to bring to the gym will ensure you have the right gear with you at all times.

Are you rugged? Trendy? Outdoorsy? Whatever your style and fitness focus, we’ve got a bag below that’ll help you stay organized on your trips to and from your health mecca. 

Before we get into some of our favorite gym bags of 2020, let’s talk about the features you’ll want to look for in any new bag your purchase.  

What to Look for in a Gym Bag

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The last thing you want is to buy a gym bag that will fall apart after a few weeks or months of use. Gym bags should be built to last.

The best way to check the durability is to look at reviews for the product to see what other customers are saying about it, and also review the product before you purchase it, if possible - are there lots of loose threads? Is the material rugged enough to withstand daily use?

You’re building your body to be strong and tough, and your gym bag should be the same.


Are you trendy? Classic? Sporty? Business-focused? Purchasing a gym bag that matches your personal style will make sure your entire look at the gym is consistent and will make it more likely you’ll be proud to rock it.

Shoe compartment

When your boyfriend or girlfriend says they need a little space, that’s not a good thing. But your workout shoes? Yes, those need lots of space! Keeping your gym shoes away from your clean clothes will help prevent spreading bacteria between your gear and can help keep your clean stuff separate from your funky gear.

That's why you'll want to get a gym bag or gym backpack with a shoe compartment so no matter how hard you train, your workout shoes won't mess up the rest of your clothing.  

Wet/dry pocket

Whether you’re going to shower at the gym or you just want to keep wet or funky apparel contained, purchasing a gym bag with a wet/dry pocket is essential. Make sure the dry-pocket is waterproof and ideally removable too so you can remove any wet or funky items without getting them in contact with your clean clothing or the clean bag itself. 

Pockets for keys, wallet etc

Have you done a deep squat and wondered what the stabbing motion in your pocket was? 

Working out with keys, a wallet or your phone in your pocket can cause all sorts of funny feelings and distractions during your workout. Get a gym bag that has pockets for all of these items so they're easy to find and store. 

Exterior pockets for water bottles

The best gym bags aren't just great for the'll want to take them on your outdoor adventures too. Whether you're inside or outside, make sure you get a gym bag that has easy access to hydration. 

External water bottle pockets are the perfect way to make your hydration easily accessible when you're on the go or in the middle of a tough workout.

Water resistant exterior

Protein shaker spills. Sweat. Rain. All of these can destroy gym bags that aren't water resistant, so make sure you choose a bag that can repel liquids that are sure to happen during your fitness journey. 

Easy to clean

Canvas and other material can sometimes soak in stains, and lighter materials can make it easy for spills and dirt to show. The best gym bags for easy cleaning are dark and have stain resistant materials. 


How much gear do you bring to the gym? If you shower after your workouts and need to bring flip flops, toiletries, shoes, and a change of clothes, make sure you choose a gym bag that will hold all of your stuff. 

If, instead, you just need to bring some hydration, a sweat towel and maybe a post-workout shake, you can easily go with a smaller gym bag.

The best option, of course, is to purchase a gym bag that is expandable so it can meet your needs regardless of what you're going to use it for. 

Adjustable straps

No matter how swole you get, you want your gym bag to still fit. Plus, during warmer times of the year you may not wear much to the gym but during cooler seasons you may have bulky clothes under your bag. This means you'll want a gym bag with adjustable straps so it'll fit regardless. 


Waterproof gym bags that are fully sealed can start to stink after a while. A gym bag with some ventilation will allow fresh air to keep odors at bay. 

The Best Gym Bags of 2020: For Him

 AER Gym Duffel $165

This gym duffel is stylish, sleek, and has compartments for all of your workout gear. The durable outer material is sure to prevent scratches and the padded shoulder strap makes this bag comfortable to hold. 

You'll definitely pay for the function and style this bag offers, but if you're looking for a great duffel under $200, this one should be a serious contender. 

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Filson Small Duffel $350

The Filson Small Duffel is the most expensive gym bag we include on our list, but with good reason. You can easily go from the gym to the airport to the boardroom with this bag. If Batman used a gym bag he could bring to any adventure, this would be it. 

At $350, this bag is an investment, but could be the right choice for you if your budget allows. 

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Lululemon Para Backpack $148

Leave it to Lululemon to create a gym bag that is sleek, lightweight, and easy to grab for a quick workout or yoga session. This bag offers plenty of room to store your yoga gear, workout shoes and more. Plus, the all-black material will protect against dirt and grime. 


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Friendly Swede $60

Our friends at the Friendly Swede created a duffel that is waterproof and perfect for outdoor training sessions. This gym bag will repel stains and water and can be used for indoor gym sessions or outdoor adventures. 


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Dry Rub Picante Pack

The Picante Pack is the perfect gym backpack for men and fitness lovers who want to keep their dirty or wet gear separate from clean clothing. This gym backpack features a shoe compartment, removable waterproof wet/dry pocket, and lots of places to store your gear.

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The Best Gym Bags of 2020: For Her

Stella McCartney Brown Boxing Gym Sack $159

This gym bag is one of our favorites for 2020. It's stylish, built tough, and is the perfect size for storing all of your workout gear. 

Sure, at $159 it's a pretty expensive gym backpack, but if your budget allows and you like the look, this may be the gym bag for you. 

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Fjallraven - Kanken Classic Backpack $80

Pretty, pink and popular - that's what the Fjallraven classic gym bag is all about. This backpack is perfect for the gym or hike around town. Whatever you use it for, know that you'll stand out from the boring crowd with this bag that is anything but stale. 


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Nike Radiate Training Backpack $60

The light materials and neon pops of color are eye-pleasing and attention getting. This gym bag is great for women who want to store their gym gear in a stylish bag that's easy to carry. 

If you're looking to do any outdoor adventuring, the light color may make it tougher to fight stains and dirt, but for indoor trekking to high-end fitness centers, this could be the gym bag for you.  

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Nike Heritage Gym Sack $49

Simple. Functional. Lightweight. The Nike Heritage gym sack is easy to use and comes in lots of colors. The only problem is the price - at nearly $50 you can get more bang for your buck with other gym bags, but if simplicity and weight are the most important attributes for you, check it out. 

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Dry Rub Picante Pack 

The Dry Rub Picante Pack is the perfect blend of function and fashion and is designed for active athletes. Its outer shell is water and stain resistant, it includes adjustable straps and external pockets for water bottles. A shoe compartment will keep your workout clothes separate from your clean clothing and a detachable waterproof dry pocket can store your toiletries, wet bathing suit, or muddy gear after a trail run or ride. 

The Picante Pack is perfect for triathletes, Crossfit, BJJ, OCR, swimmers, cyclists, runners, and more!

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