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Back Pain Sucks...But These Exercises Can Help

Back Pain Sucks...But These Exercises Can Help

Let's face it - back pain sucks. It can affect your workouts and your time outside of the gym. For lots of people with back-pain, sitting down at the office or in your car can be the worst.

This week we're back with Dr. Ryan Godfrey PT of Body Therapy Inc who shares a quick-release technique and some drills you can do to get out of long-term back-pain.

In the video Dr. Ryan talks about the Quadratus Lumborum (QL) - a critical muscle when it comes to both breathing and pelvic positioning with a lot of compound strength training movements. This is usually a tender spot for most people, however using diaphragmatic breathing can help release tension in the QL and your low-back. After the release technique, there's a couple drills you can focus on from there. 

The first is in a side-plank position using resistance around the knees to activate glutes. 

The second is a farmer's carry. This is a great exercise for stabilization, but only if done properly. You'll want to think about an imaginary line in between your feet so you can avoid a super-narrow stance. 

Check out the full video below and try these tips at home. And, if you're ready for an after gym car-seat cover that applies pressure to your trigger points to help relieve back pain - and protects your seat from sweat, stains and smells - check this out to learn more

Back Pain Sucks...But These Exercises Can Help from Dry Rub on Vimeo.


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