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Dry Rub is Designed to Target Trigger Points

Our Spicy version of Dry Rub includes adjustable "massagers" that are similar to using a lacrosse ball to target trigger points along your back and glutes. How are they different? Well, the massagers are slightly softer so they're comfortable for longer drives...but still firm enough to get a good response.
These massagers can help release trigger points while you drive, thus saving you time, effort, and making trigger point therapy a breeze.
What else? The massagers provide lumbar support when placed in the lower back, so can help you maintain proper posture while you're driving.

What Are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are small patches of muscle tissue in a spasm. They can cause all sorts of pain in the low-back, upper back, glutes and more. 

Source: https://www.painscience.com/tutorials/trigger-points.php

How Trigger Point Therapy Works

Trigger Point Therapy featuring Dr. Ryan Godfrey from Dry Rub on Vimeo.

How to "Release" Trigger Points

Physical therapists treat trigger points using different types of equipment, but one of the most common is a lacrosse ball. By placing direct pressure on trigger points using a lacrosse ball (or a similarly designed tool such as, ahem, Dry Rub Spicy) you can release these knots and reduce pain, almost immediately.