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Rundown of our Newest Products

Rundown of our Newest Products

No Matter Your Sport or Lifestyle, We Have You Covered

Just a few days ago we announced the launch of 3 new products, and we wanted to share some background on what each product does, and why we created it. In this video we'll give a quick overview of some of the features of each new product, and why we created them. 

Not sure which Dry Rub is right for you? Here's the low-down:

Do you use lacrosse balls or foam rollers after a workout, or often have tension in your back or shoulders while driving?
Dry Rub Spicy is for you. 🌶🌶🌶

Do you love obstacle course races, hit the beach often, get super wet and dirty, or are taller than the average Joe or Jane?
Dry Rub Medium is for you. 🌶🌶

Do you want to replace your beach towel or old seat covers with a higher quality, breathable yet waterproof barrier?
Dry Rub Mild is for you. 🌶

Don't forget to add Spice Wrap to your purchase so you can save your seat belt from sweat, stains and odors, too.

If you're not sure which product is right for you, send us a note and we'll set you straight!  

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