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How Trigger Point Therapy Works: Featuring Dr. Ryan Godfrey PT

How Trigger Point Therapy Works: Featuring Dr. Ryan Godfrey PT

We recently caught up with Dr. Ryan Godfrey PT of Body Therapy Inc to discuss how Trigger Point Therapy works. In this video he talks about how recovery tools work and shows some areas of your body to target. Check out the video here:

Trigger Point Therapy featuring Dr. Ryan Godfrey from Dry Rub on Vimeo

In this video Dr. Ryan shares some nuggets of wisdom including:

Your Muscles Can Get Tight Even If You Have Perfect Form

"The concept with Trigger Point Therapy is that we're placing the ball in areas that have tension built up after deadlifts, after squats etc. Often times those areas get tight or tense and it's not necessarily due to poor form or technique - it's because we're using those muscles.

As a way to recover we can place that ball in areas that commonly get tensioned."

What Does Trigger Point Therapy Actually Do?

"What we're looking for with Trigger Point Therapy - we're not breaking up muscle tissue or scar tissue - but in fact just by placing superficial stimulus to that area of the tensioned muscle, that sends feedback to our brain to get this tension to reduce off. And that's what goes a long way in recovery.

A lot of times we just hop in the car, we go home and hop in the shower, and we haven't done anything for soft tissue work or any mobility work. That's what Dry Rub allows you to do."

When Is Trigger Point Therapy Effective?

"You have a half-hour window at the end of a workout where you can lock in some mobility gains and really get active recovery. The way Dry Rub fits in is this - we don't always have time to foam roll out or get the lacrosse ball in there before we go home and cook dinner and do all those things each night to get ready for the next day.

This really fits in line with that because on the way home you're getting that soft tissue recovery. Now maybe you have some spare minutes you can do some dynamic or passive stretching to bring that recovery all together." 

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