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The Best Products to Keep Your Car Clean and Smelling Fresh

The Best Products to Keep Your Car Clean and Smelling Fresh

Keeping your car clean and smelling fresh isn't easy, especially if you're used to tough workouts, trips to the beach, or live in a warm climate. Sweating in your car can lead to all sorts of problems - tearing, cracking, bad smells - so we're bringing you a list of products that will help keep your car interior smelling and looking great!

Hotor Vacuum

Remember that protein bar you dropped 3 months ago and has been baking in the hot sun under your car seat? Well, maybe you forgot, but your passengers who smell it do not! Get yourself a good car vacuum that has no problem sucking up all the leftover bits. 

Leather Rescue Conditioner

Sweating on your seats will RUIN them! If you're going to expose them to your body oils, make sure you at least condition your seats with a leather protector that can help protect against wear, weather, and sunlight / UV rays. This one dries within an hour and won't leave a residue. 

Trinova Leather Cleaner

Trinova is easy to use -simply spray on and wipe off to eliminate almost any surface stain and give new life to your leather. It works to remove dirt, debris, stains, and grime without using harsh chemicals.

Leather Honey Conditioner

This old-school leather conditioner has been around for 50 years. It softens, moisturizes and promotes flexibility leaving your leather feeling and looking beautiful, and lasts up to 6 months. Plus, it's made in the USA. 

303 UV Protector


Sweat, sand, moisture...that all can destroy your car seat, but guess what else can? The sun! 303 UV Protectant provides UV protection against that giant ball of fire in the sky. 

Invisible Glass Window Cleaner

Staying active often means throwing gear in your car or truck - workout clothes, running shoes, lifters, you name it. All that wear and tear can cause smudging and grime throughout your car, including your windows.

Invisible Glass removes fingerprints, smudges, dirt and grease on windows, windshields, and other glass surfaces. 

Nova Air Purifier

Nobody wants to get in your car if it smells like a gym locker room. The Nova Car Air Purifier Ver 2.0 can improve the air quality inside your car while also removing dust, pollen and pet particulates from the air as well. 

Dry Rub

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right? All the cleaning products above are great to use AFTER you've stained your car seats with sweat, sand, moisture or other nastiness, but what about before? Dry Rub is a water-proof, stain-proof product that will save you money, time and hassle from cleaning your seat...and it'll keep your car smell-free!

Get your Dry Rub here...your seats will thank you 

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