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StrongWoman Kim Lawrance is LOVING Dry Rub

StrongWoman Kim Lawrance is LOVING Dry Rub

Being a professional athlete isn't easy. It requires intense training, a strict nutrition program, adequate recovery, and loads of discipline. North America's Strongest Woman Kim Lawrance makes it look easy, though. 

What's not easy is finding a product that solves a problem for such an awesome athlete, though. Here's where Dry Rub comes in! 

Check out a quick video of StrongWoman Kim Lawrance showing how Dry Rub works. 

"You car is clean and your seat doesn't look gross. Winning!" 

Dry Rub® car-seat covers are the perfect solution for athletes of all kinds. Whether you're driving home from the gym, after a muddy run, bike ride, football practice, or trip to the beach, Dry Rub has your back. It's sweat-proof, sand resistant, comfortable, and breathable so you'll be able to drive comfortably while protecting your seats from damage caused by sweat, stains and bacteria.  

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