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Let's face it, back pain stinks. Getting in and out of your car with an aching back can be painful, if you can do it at all. And sitting in your car or truck for long drives? That can cause stress and anxiety in anyone with back pain.

Lumbar support and a good seat cushion can help you keep the right posture while you're sitting in your vehicle...but what if you need more?

Introducing Spicy 2.0 Seat Cover with Back Support Trigger Point Massage System

Dry Rub Spicy 2.0 is a car seat cover with lumbar back support that can help relieve aches and tension in your back. The Trigger Point Massage System allows you to place the massage balls anywhere on your back that is tight. 


Dry Rub® Spicy 2.0 is the perfect car seat cover for people who want to release tension in their back using trigger point therapy. Here's how it works:


How To Use It?

Dry Rub car seat covers are easy to use and can be installed in under a minute. Placing the trigger point balls into the massage pocket system is easy to do and can be customized based on wherever you're tight. 

Here's how to use it:

Who is Dry Rub Spicy 2.0 For? 

Dry Rub was built for people who want to drive comfortably and relaxed without tension in their back. It's the perfect product for athletes and active people who want to release tight muscles, and people who suffer from tight backs.

Dry Rub Spicy 2.0 offers lumbar support that is customizable using the Trigger Point Massage system. The dual-layer build allows Dry Rub® to be both breathable and sweat-proof so you can drive in comfort and style staying loose and flexible. Dry Rub products are:

  • Designed in the USA (go, Merica!)
  • Breathable
  • Light-weight
  • Universal fit and installs in a few seconds
  • Machine washable


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