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The Best Back Seat Covers for Your Car or Truck

The Best Back Seat Covers for Your Car or Truck

Finding the right back seat covers can be a challenge because there’s many different kinds, styles and places to buy one. But don’t worry, whether you’re looking for back seat covers for cars or trucks, we’ve got you covered!

In this buying guide we’ll answer a few common questions you may have including:

  • Should I buy back seat covers?
  • Do I need back seat covers?
  • What should I look for in a back seat cover?
  • Which are the best back seat covers for cars or trucks?

Let’s get started…

Should I Buy Back Seat Covers?

reasons to get a back seat cover

People often ask whether they should buy back seat covers for their car or truck, and the answer is most often “YES!” Here’s why:

Stop Spills

A good back seat cover will protect against spills. This is perfect for parents or anyone who drives passengers who drink or eat in the back seat.

Protect Against Sweat, Dirty and Moisture

Back seat covers protect against dirty clothing, water or sweat. Soccer moms and dads who drive children or adults after playing sports or being outside know how important this is.

Sweat is bad for your car seat for lots of different reasons - it will ruin leather seats, cause stains, and it can seep into your seats and cause bacteria to breed, leading to all kinds of funky odors. 

Save Your Seats From Sand

Do you live near the beach? Do you vacation on the coast or near a lake? Sand and saltwater can ruin your cloth or leather seats, so investing in a high quality back seat cover should keep your vehicle clean and fresh after hitting the waves.

Store Sports Equipment Without Worry

Do your children (or you!) leave soccer balls, lacrosse sticks, football equipment, running shoes or other sports equipment in your vehicle? Moisture, dirt, sweat and odors from that equipment can seep into your seats, causing long-term problems. A good rear seat cover can fix that.

Increase Resale Value

Whether you want to trade in your vehicle years from now, sell it, or just keep it’s value as long as you can, a rear seat protector can help you do that because it will collect all of the stains and dirt instead of your car or truck’s leather or cloth interior.

Prevent Smells and Odors

Does your vehicle smell like something died in it? Sweaty clothing, pet stains and moisture can call cause bacteria to grow in your car seats, leading to a ripe stankiness you don't want in your vehicle.

A good bench seat cover can that is machine washable can be a barrier against the stench so your car or truck can smell like the roses and petunias you're used to. 

Comfortable in the Heat

Dark leather seats can retain heat when your car or truck is left outside in the sunlight. A good backseat protector can repel some of that heat so it’s more comfortable for you and your passengers when you get in your vehicle.

Who Needs Back Seat Covers?

who needs back seat covers


Runners, triathletes, fitness and sports lovers who have a bench seat in their car or truck are sure to get sweat, stains, dirty and moisture in their seat. A high quality bench seat protector can save vehicles from all of the messes athletes are used to.

Obstacle course racers, triathletes, mountain bikers and outdoor athletes who have dirty gear in the back can protect their seats from shoes, sweaty clothes, and other gear. 

The best car seat covers for athletes will be durable, washable, and match the styling and performance you're used to. 

Pet Owners

Buying a back seat cover for pets is important for anyone with dogs, cats or other animals they drive in their car.

Pet hair and other funkiness can seep into car or truck seats, so getting a good back seat cover for pets will save your vehicle from hair, smells and stains.

Soccer Moms and Dads

Parent will want a car seat protector that can stand up to food and drink spills, grass stains, muddy cleats and shoes, and everything else kids can get into!

After soccer or football practice, a swim meet, or other sporting event, kids can have all sorts of dirt and grime on them. Parents who drive children around will want to make sure to invest in a high quality seat cover so their vehicle will retain it's value, stay odor-free, and be protected from dirt and stains. 

Uber/Lyft and Taxi Drivers

Driving people for a living, or for a side hustle, is a great way to make money if you do it the right way. You'll want to minimize your costs (gas, mileage, wear and tear) and increase sales, and a good bench seat cover can help you do both. 

A seat cover will help reduce wear and tear, stains, and damage to your car seat. This will allow you to maintain your vehicle's resale value. 

Reviews are an important part of any business, and the passenger's experience is a big part of getting a stellar review. A high quality seat cover will allow you to keep your car fresh and clean, and smelling great so you can get the reviews you deserve. 

People with Dirty Jobs

Landscapers, manual laborers, painters and general contractors and other people with dirty jobs don't want to ruin their vehicle with the mess they've been working in.

Beach Lovers & Surfers

Sand seems to find a way of seeping into car seats and staying there for months, years or more. The salt in ocean water can damage leather seats and can cause stains. 

What Should I Look for in a Back Seat Cover?

back seat covers - what to look for

Universal vs Custom Fit

Universal seat covers are much easier to install and remove, and are typically less expensive than custom fit seat covers. Custom covers will provide a better fit and are meant to stay in your vehicle for a long time but are difficult to install, remove and are not going to transfer from vehicle to vehicle whenever you get a new car or truck.

Color & Styling

Figure out what style and pattern you want in your car seat cover. Light colored car seat covers can repel sunlight, but they’re also more likely to show stains, dirt and grime and can be harder to clean than dark rear seat covers.

Machine Washable & Easy to Clean

Is your car seat cover stain-proof? Do you want a washable car seat cover or do you need to just spot-clean it? If you’re an athlete or will be putting the seat cover to lots of use, make sure you get something that is easy to clean...otherwise you’ll have to replace it often.

Waterproof or Water Resistant

Depending on the type of activities you do, you may want a water resistant or waterproof rear seat cover. Make sure you know the difference and ensure you’re getting what you paid for.

Easy to Install/Remove

Do you need to watch a 20 minute video explaining how to install the car seat cover, or can you just put it on easily?

Material Used

Do you want a car seat cover that is soft, or rugged? Make sure the material is color fast or else it will rub off on your car seat. Stain-proof.

What are the Best Back Seat Covers?

VivaGlory $21.99

vivaglory seat cover


VivaGlory seat covers are designed to protect car seats from dogs, cats and other pets. This is a very entry level car seat cover at a price of just over $20. It has anti-slip materials, quick release buckles, seat anchors and is a universal fit.

Do not wash this in a washing machine because the manufacturer says that it is spot-clean only.

Amazon basics: $16.95

amazon seat cover

This car seat cover is made by Amazon, and like most by-Amazon products, it is very inexpensive...but that has some drawbacks.

This seat cover will protect your back seat from scratches, dirt and dander but can only be spot-cleaned and is not comfortable for people to sit on.

YesYEES Amazon $37.99

yesYees car seat cover

The YesYEES car seat cover is middle seat and armrest compatible. It can be used for 3 passengers and has zipper that that will open/close for seat-belts.

This seat cover is made of durable, waterproof materials and includes non-slip backing. 

This seat cover is machine washable and is a universal fit, making it a good choice for lots of pet owners.  

LuckyMan $80

 luckyman seat cover

Luckyman seat covers are made of fake-leather material that is wear-resistant. It's all-black so will look good in most vehicles.

The seat cover is made for humans (not pets) and fits some vehicles so make sure your car or truck is one of their included models before buying. 

Covercraft: $292.99

covercraft seat cover

The most expensive back seat cover of them all, the Covercraft seat cover is a universal fit cover that is made for pet owners. 

Seat belt openings are built into the car seat cover so your passengers will be safe while you drive. 

Orvis seat cover: $129

orvis seat cover

The Orvis back seat protector is water resistant, breathable and is built to defend against dog hair, dirt, mud and stains. This universal fit seat cover is easy to install and is machine washable as well.

Weathertech: $129 - $159

weathertech seat cover

The WeatherTech rear seat cover is water-repellent and will protect against scratches, damage and spills that can ruin your car or truck seat. This is a great option for pet owners who want to maintain the value of their vehicle. 

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