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Train Dirty. Ride Clean.

Athletic Car Seat Covers

save your seats • improve your recovery • keep your car smelling fresh

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Protect Your Vehicle

Built For Athletes

Save Your Seats From Sweat, Stains and Bad Odors

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Protect Your Car From Nasty Smells and Stains

Dry Rub® provides a breathable yet water-proof barrier between you and your car seat, so you can train hard without your passengers ever knowing it.

Save Time After Workouts

No time to roll-out on a foam roller or lacrosse ball? Using the Dry Rub patent-pending massagers may stimulate blood flow and aid in recovery after a tough workout.

Designed in the USA

Dry Rub® is designed in 'Merica. That means high quality craftsmanship and durability. And guess what else? Your purchase helps to create jobs right here at home.

Why You'll Love It

  • Easy to Take On and Off

    Dry Rub® is super-easy to install: simply drape over the head-rest, and you're ready to go! The non-slip backing keeps the cover in place while you drive.

  • Machine Washable

    Use Dry Rub after your workouts and just toss it in the washing machine every few weeks to keep it fresh.

  • Save Your Seats

    Sweat and salt-water can damage both cloth and leather seats. The Dry Rub water-proof backing will protect your car from nasty stains and smells, while the breathable top-layer adds a layer of comfort.

  • Adjustable Trigger Point Massagers

    Are foam rollers and lacrosse balls a go-to for you after your workouts? Our adjustable Trigger Point massagers apply pressure to sore muscles so you can relieve tension and improve your recovery while you drive. 

What People Are Saying

“The massagers were GREAT on the long car trip after the competition, and honestly that's the best my back has felt after sitting in the car for that long since the back injury. Especially after all that heavy lifting- it didn't even get tight!.”

"Today is hot, and you know what's awesome? My seat staying dry from this super awesome seat cover from Dry Rub. This baby comes with massagers that help release trigger points during long and short drives. So not only do you leave your car smelling clean and fresh. But it also helps you recover!!!"

"I just want to give a shout to my friends at Dry Rub for this amazing seat cover! It's designed to keep sweat off your seat after workouts and even come with trigger point massage balls that attach to it! I keep them on my lower back.. I'm always sore there.. and they've helped a lot!"

"Getting one of their seat covers a couple years ago has been one of the best investments I've made in my fitness career equal to that of a good jump rope or a pair of olympic weight lifting shoes. I literally use mine everyday."

"I LOVE my new Dry Rub car seat cover! It keeps my seat from getting sweaty after workouts & has adjustable/removable massagers. These feel great on my low back which usually gets super locked up during car rides. (I used to have to sit on a lax ball while driving)."

"The benefits of Dry Rub reach far beyond keeping sweat off your car seats. The lumbar massagers not only cue correct posture, they apply moderate pressure to relieve areas of low back tension before or after your workout. I prescribe trigger point release techniques to all of my clients. Better posture and eliminating low back tension is a large part of staying pain free. This is a huge benefit for athletes and road warriors alike!"

Dry Rub Athletic Seat Cover Review