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Excited to use my dry rub seat cover

It's here! Quality fabric and good construction. I love my new car seat cover with trigger point Therapy. I am always sweaty and often dusty after a run. More my car's interior will be protected from my grimy post-training body daily. Even more, this is going to make cleaning my car after a mud race super easy! Thank you for this great product, dry rub!

Thanks much for your purchase, and review, Rhonda. We're glad you're loving your new Dry Rub and we wish you the best of luck in your next mud race!!!

Thank you

Paul, thanks so much for your purchase, and for your review!!!
Spicy 2.0-Great seat cover!

The seat cover is the perfect size for both our car and jeep and it's easy to install. I have really enjoyed the 4 trigger point massage balls- they're the right amount of pressure & you can position them in any place you would want on your back. Overall, recommend this product for anyone that drives!

Thanks so much for your review, Jessica...and we're glad you're loving your Dry Rub!
Just about perfect!

Really 4.5 stars...about as perfect as a one-size fits all product can be. I picked this up to keep my new car seats dry on a drives back from the gym now that's it cold enough I find myself driving back and forth. It definitely does that job very well and I love that I can just fold it back into it's included bag after use and pop it in a trunk for next time. The cover itself is a perfect fit for the seat, I just can't manage to make the strap useful to hold the bottom half in place. I tried in a second vehicle to see if it was just the one vehicle, but I couldn't figure the second one out either. Easy to make slight adjustments to the cover after getting in if needed though, so no huge deal for my needs, and the only tiny downside I see to a non-custom fit.

Adam, thanks so much for your purchase, and for your feedback! We're glad you're enjoying the product so far. The strap should just go directly below the seat to help keep it in place, but every vehicle is different so f you're having trouble with it feel free to reach out to us at love@getdryrub.com and we can help you out with it. Also, if you'd like more stability, Dry Rub Medium has a seat anchor and seat skirt that keeps it more secured to the seat...so if you'd like to try that, let us know as well and we can get you a deal for being an awesome customer :-)
High quality item but high shipping cost

The Cover is high quality and works exactly like it should... once you get finished sliding it up and down the seat belt every time you get in and out of the vehicle. Maybe I'm too dumb to operate it but having to reposition the cover constantly in order for the seat belt itself to extend and retract gets old fast. The alternative is removing it when I'm not sweaty and putting it back on when I am. This latter method is the one I will probably use. At the time of order I couldn't understand why it cost $10 to mail it. I still can't. IMO, top dollar to get it, but you get a top product.

Hey Matt, thanks much for your purchase, and your review. We understand that it can be frustrating shifting your Spice Wrap cover around each time you're getting in and out of your car - we didn't see that problem when testing it in lots of different vehicles before creating the product, so we're not sure why that's happening in yours. Feel free to send us an email to love@getdryrub.com with a video or some pics so that we can troubleshoot and see if we can help you get it working properly. As for shipping costs, Spice Wrap ships for free when included with any order totaling $50 or more. We don't like charging for shipping for orders under that, but because of the cost to us for processing, fulfilling and then shipping individual orders, we do need to charge extra when the total is less than $50. If you ever wanted to try one of our seat covers, let us know and we can get you a discount for your shipping charges from this order to help make up for that. Thanks again for your order and for sharing your feedback - we love that you see it's a top product!!! :-)
Christmas gift come early

Got my medium Dry Rub seat covers and seat belt cover as an early x-mas present. I love them. I'm a husky guy and they fit my seat perfect and protect them from my never ending pools of sweat after I workout. A great product I recommend to anyone who has an active lifestyle and wants to protect their car's seats.

David, thanks so much for your review! We're thrilled you're loving the products and we wish you a very merry early Christmas!!!
Happy Customer! :)

Many times seat covers slide off to the side, scrunch up or have a weird material to them, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got the new Spice Wrap Seat Belt Cover and Seat Cover! Not only is it super comfortable, but they designed it so it doesn't slip and slide across the seat making a perfect snug and secure fit. Also the seat belt cover is another blessing all on its own! No more getting choked out by the seat belt on my neck and it makes reaching for the buckle that much easier! Oh and did I mention the Seat cover has built in pockets for the trigger point message system!!! Yeah, there is no question here I would recommend this seat/belt cover to anyone, any day!

Thanks so much for this awesome review, Laura, and we're glad you're loving the products!!! :-)

Great product, the seat cover just fits a little big for my seat. Cool to have the trigger point during my commutes though

Hi Tiana - thanks for your feedback. We're glad you're enjoying the trigger point massagers. As far as the sizing goes, we designed Dry Rub to be a universal fit for most people and most vehicles, but because every vehicle, and person, is different, it may not be a perfect fit for all. Dry Rub Mild has a slightly smaller footprint than Spicy 2.0, so if you ever wanted to purchase a slightly smaller cover, that'd be a good one to try. If your Spicy 2.0 is too big to use, just send us a note to love@getdryrub.com and we'll get you taken care of.
Overall great

Moves around a tad more than I expected, but quality makes it not an issue.

Hey Paul, thanks for your purchase, and review! We're glad you're liking the quality of the product. If you'd ever like to upgrade to Dry Rub Medium, which includes a seat anchor and seat skirt (making it more secure to the seat) just send us a note to love@getdryrub.com and we'll get you hooked up with a deal for being a loyal customer :-)
Love it!

Fits great, looks great, keeps the seats clean! All you could ask for!

Thank you Matt!
love it

Love the seat cover, feels awesome getting a massage on the way home from work, working out, or the ride home from a race. Not to mention my seat doesn't smell like a locker room.

Randall, we're glad you're enjoying those trigger point massages on your drives, and are avoiding the locker room smell in your car :-) Thanks so much for your purchase, and sharing your experience...all hail the Zebra!!!!
Love it!!

Love it! Super cute and comfy!!

Thanks, Brittani! We're thrilled you're loving it :-)
Seat Protection Complete

When I originally bought my Dry Rub seat cover I realized that my seat belt was still exposed. I was so happy when Dry Rub released a the wrap that I immediately bought one, and I'm not disappointed.

Thank you Frank!
Like it, minor feedback

Could be a little longer, as my upper torso covers a bit more surface area than the seat belt cover does. But, I'm only 3 miles from the gym, so it's not a huge deal. Would still strongly recommend this.

Thanks for your purchase, review, and feedback, Paul :-)
A must have for OCR athletes

I first tried the Dry Rub Mild which is amazing for keeping my car clean and smelling fresh after OCR races and intense workouts. It takes no time to install and is comfortable as well. I recently upgraded to the Spicy version which is even better because it has the trigger point massage system which is so helpful for me because I do a ton of driving. Their seatbelt cover is a great ad on as well and it actually is much more comfortable on you skin.
All in all Dry Rub products are very practical, high quality, and convenient for all fitness enthusiasts!

Thanks for sharing, Luke!!!
Seat belt cover

Love the idea, works great for my husband but not so well for me. Not sure if it is because of the seatbelt design in my car but I can either have it cover my bare shoulder/neck area or cover more of my chest/stomach, but not both. I usually wear it up high because it does help alleviate the irritation I get from the seatbelt on my neck.

Thanks for sharing that, Julie...we appreciate your purchase, and feedback.
Easy to install

Works great and easy to install. Less than 30 seconds. Thanks

Thank you Jonathan :-)
Works amazingly well!

Easy to put on, very comfortable, and the massage balls work perfectly while I'm driving from work or the gym. Plan on getting one Mild or Medium for everyday use and, when available, more massage balls for the Spicy!

Thank you Garrick! We'll keep you posted when we have extra sets of the massage balls ready :-)
At first

I just received my cover and I feels pretty durable. It already seems like wait was looking for in a towel/cover for after the gym

Thank you Michael!
Well crafted but needs to be bigger

This is a well made product for sure. However it really needs to be longer to be a good seat belt cover. I'd be willing to pay a bit more if it was another foot long to actually cover most of the seat belt.

Thanks for your feedback, CT. The challenge with building a longer seat belt cover is that the extra length can interfere with seat belt retraction, so we aimed for a length that maximized coverage while avoiding that interference. We hear what you're saying, though, and will take that into account as we continue to optimize our product line. We truly appreciate your purchase, and your feedback!
Easy to install, a lifesaver for heavy sweaters like me!

I’ve been very happy with my purchase of the Dry Rub Medium car seat. It’s easy to install, clean, and store. No more sweating on my front seat, both stinking it up and needing a towel to cover for going to work later.

Thank you Kyle! We’re stoked you’re enjoying it!
Amazing product

So happy to get my product and I’m very satisfied with the purchase

Thank you Stacey! You’re the best :-)
Spice Wrap Seat Belt Cover

Wonderful product....would definitely purchase again! Thank you!

Thank you Mike!!!!!
No more sweaty ass seats!

Say goodbye to towels and hello sweet seat cover -- so fresh, so clean! No more sticking to leather seats after a sweat fest. Thank you Dry Rub!

Bye bye, towels! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!
Great product

Got my order and it’s better than expected. Looks great and really protects my car seat after a hard workout. Will definitely it more for my other car! Solid company with solid products!!!

Tim, you’re the man! Thanks much for your purchase, and review, and we’re glad you’re enjoying the products :-)