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Exactly what I was looking for!

The seat covers I have are great! Just not great for a post workout drive home. This keeps my seat fresh and sweat-free! The massage balls are perfect for the knots that I get on a constant basis! Thank you!

Kevin, you rock! Thanks for purchasing the Spice Wrap seat belt cover and Spicy 2.0 seat cover, and for leaving a review...we're stoked you're loving the products and hope you have a wonderful 2020 :-)
I like it

I like this bag. Seems well made, functional, and a good size. The adjustable straps are a good idea. The only thing I don't like about it is how noisy the fabric is. Small thing. Just my opinion. Excited to use it at my first race!

Chanel, thanks for your purchase and review! We’re glad you’re liking the Picante Pack and we hope you crush your first race :-) We haven’t noticed the fabric is noisy but if you think so then don’t go sneaking up on anyone while you wear it ;) Thanks again and best of luck in 2020!!!
Feeling comfortable in my car again

The seat cover is perfect for my lifestyle. I kayak, hike and train for mud runs/OCR's. I keep this in my car to help protect my seats from dirt and grime. I put it on, don't have to worry about being too dirty or sweaty because it protects my seat from these elements! I will be purchasing another for the passenger seat soon! Thanks for this awesome seat cover, Dry Rub!

Jonathan, thanks so much for your purchase, and review! We're so glad you're loving your Mild seat cover and that it's holding up to your super-active lifestyle :-) Best of luck this OCR season!!!
Best Backpack ever

Found the Dry Rub backpack one of the best I ever had, it is lightweight, plenty of room and the individual compartments are great, easy for me to store and find smaller items.

Thank you for your review, Rich, and we're glad you're loving your Picante Pack!

great cover nice and comfortable

Thanks for your purchase and review, Corey! We’re so glad you’re enjoying the product :-)
Picante pack

Love how lightweight this pack is, but it still has room for all my stuff!! The bag for stinky things is a bonus too!! :)

Thank you for the review, Julie...we’re so glad you’re loving the product!!!
Picante pack gym bag

Very versatile and durable bag! Love all of the zipper compartments.

Thank you for your review, Eden! We’re so glad you’re loving the zipper compartments!
Awesome tactical pack

This bag is a great option for use when traveling for training sessions or a competition. It has a shoe compartment for storage of spare shoes. It also has a compartment that is meant to separate dirty or sweaty clothes, which can then also be removed so the rest of your items don’t get affected. It has multiple storage compartments for small and large items as well as a great pull string technology that makes it easy to carry. It also is made out of lightweight material that is water resistant! Great product, especially for the OCR athlete, track athlete, cyclist and gym goer!

THANK YOU for your review, Michael!!! We're so glad you're enjoying the product :-)
Excellent dry bag!!

I love the stay dry pouch on the interior, the shoe compartment on the bottom and the fact that the bag is not bulky. It fits all my gear without weighing me down.

Thanks so much for your review, Danielle! We LOVE that you're enjoying the product :-)
Designed by athletes for athletes

You can tell this was designed by someone who has been there and done that. Love the interior features the keep wet, dirty clothes separated from the rest of your stuff. My only request would be beefier shoulder straps.

Thanks so much for the review, Richard! We're glad you love the interior features and will keep your feedback about the straps in mind for future iterations :-)
Go to Race day pack

I have been running Obstacle Course Racing for over 7 years now. Getting to, from and back from a venue can be a challenge. between gear, shoes, changes of clothes, and personal items this bag has you set up for success. Having a wet bag inside so you do not ruin your other stuff is a GAME CHANGER. Cant wait to use this out on the scene this season.

As advertised but I wish...

The seat belt cover was exactly as described. But I do wish it was a bit longer. 5 inches longer and it would cover from over my shoulder to my stomach. As it is, it can cover from my pec to my stomach. Not a huge deal, and likely a design decision to allow the belt to fully retract. Just a personal preference

Hi John. Thanks for your order, and feedback. We actually do offer Spice Wrap in a longer version (Spice Wrap XL) that should be a perfect fit for you because it's exactly 5 inches longer than the regular version :-) If you want to try that, just select the XL version of the color you want in the drop-down menu on the product page. Thanks again and we hope you have a great week!
Super nice

Fits perfectly and keeps my seatbelt from getting damaged by wet clothing

Thank you very much for your purchase, and review, Leonor! We're so glad you're enjoying your Spice Wrap seat belt cover :-)
Medium Seat cover and seatbelt cover

I just put the medium on my seat. Quick and easy installation. It stays in place when getting in and out if the car.

I also purchased the seatbelt cover. I put it on my leather steering wheel to protect it from sweaty hands. So far so good! 👍

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review, Mary! We’re so glad you’re enjoying the products and nice work on the creative use of the Spice Wrap seat belt cover :-)
Easy on and off

I train for marathons and keep them in the car to put on seats after a run

Nancy, thank you for your purchase and review! Best of luck this marathon season :-)
Very happy

When I saw this product, I knew it was something my partner and I could benefit from. We were constantly using towels on the car seats after workouts and practices. These covers are an excellent material and easy to install and remove for washing. The trigger point options are a great bonus to the product and we've already benefited from them on long car rides. I'm very happy with this product!

EC, thank you so much for your purchase, and review! We're so glad you and your partner are loving the product :-) Happy New Year to you both!
Seat Saver

Great investment!!! Have white seats in car so needed something to cover them. Fits great and protects perfectly, also easy install.

Steven, thank you for your purchase, and review! We're so glad you're loving your Dry Rub Medium and see that it's a great investment :-)
Great products

I ordered and quickly received the dry rub balls and seat belt cover. The cover is really soft so it doesn’t chafe against my skin. The balls are perfect for working out those sore muscle knots. Really worth every penny.

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review, Penni! We're stoked that you're loving the products! Happy New Year :-)

Dry Rub Medium: Car Seat Cover with Extended Coverage + Seat Anchor

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review, Eric!


We're so glad you're enjoying the product, Paul. Thanks for your purchase and review!
So far so good!

These are for my son who travels back and forth to the gym and has cloth seats. Many times it is after a workout in 100 degree heat (welcome to Texas). We’re hoping this helps and can’t wait to see how the covers wash up as well.

What a great gift for your son, Norma! Thanks so much for purchasing this gift, and for your review. We hope your son loves the cover after his workouts :-)
Looks great!

Great stocking stuffer and should useful this summer in TX.

Thanks for your purchase, and review, Mark! Yes, your Spice Wrap should be perfect in the Texas summer :-) Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Easy to use and perfect for a little after workout massage

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review, Kaitlin. We're so glad you're loving the post-workout massage from Spicy 2.0!
Great product.

Just wish it fit my car seat better. It slides around a lot

Hey Grace - we're sorry to hear that it's not fitting well for you. The Dry Rub Medium car seat cover is designed to be more stable than Dry Rub Mild seat cover so if you're looking to upgrade to that option, send us a note to love@getdryrub.com and we'll get you taken care of.

Great product

Zachary, thanks so much for your purchase, and your review!