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Excellent covers

The seat belt covers are excellent ! I got two !

Thank you for your purchase, and review, Brenda! We're thrilled you're loving the Spice Wrap seat belt covers :-)
Great products for those who sweat

I am a runner and also do hot yoga so I sweat a lot. The seatbelt cover is a game changer! This was the only place I was able to find one. I didn’t want the seatbelt on my nice new car to end up all sweaty and crusty like my other one. Ew. Also got the seat cover to match. I had a seat cover before but this one is far superior quality and doesn’t stink up my car. Highly recommend.

Hey Nicole. Thanks much for your purchase, and review. We're so glad you're loving the seat belt cover and the seat cover, too :-) Great job with running AND hot yoga!!!
Sent Belt Relief!

Seatbelts have irritated my skin for years, especially in summer clothing, but this fixes it and is not super noticeable (I bought the solid black) I love it, and plan to get another one for our other car!

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review, Mary! We're so glad you're loving your Dry Rub seat belt cover :-)
Love the seat belt cover!

I ordered my seat belt cover to keep my seat belt clean after workouts. Easy to install. Only wish it “slide” around so much.

Either way, great investment!

Al, thank you for your purchase, and review! We're glad you're loving the product. If you haven't already, please try tightening the cover by fastening the velcro a little closer together...that should do the trick! If you need help please contact us at love@getdryrub.com. Thanks again for your purchase :-)
Exactly What I Was Looking For

Ordered this seatbelt protector to protect my sensitive skin not my seatbelt. It does a great job and is nice quality material that has no funky odors. I am a small build person so it does slide up and down some but I just re-adjust the position and it’s fine. The. Charcoal color blends perfectly with my black seatbelt. Very happy with this purchase.

Thanks so much for the review Linda, and we're so glad you're enjoying the seat belt protector! You can try closing the cover a bit tighter if you'd like to have less movement over your seat belt. Contact us at love@getdryrub.com if you'd like more about how to do this. Thanks again!!!

loved it!

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review, Jack! We're so glad you're loving it :-)
My review

Well made but uncomfortably bulky. I took it off after using for 1 day.

John, we're sorry you're not enjoying the product. Please contact us at love@getdryrub.com so we can get you details on how to return it.
Seat Belt Cover

Very nice product better than other
Only wish it was longer. Does not cover the body length

Hey Ronald. We're so glad you like the product, and we appreciate your feedback. We're working on a longer version of the seat belt cover and expect to have something later this year, so stay tuned!
Excellent cover

I cross fit and needed a great seat cover and this one did not disappoint ! It works great!

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review, Brenda...we're so glad you're enjoying it!
Perfect for what it is supposed to be

As I view this product it is not supposed to be a seat cover all the time (at least the version I bought). It is very easy to put on as it slips over the headrest and covers both the back and the bottom of the seat. When I return from workout, ride or run I remove it an let it dry in the garage, and then wash it when needed. It slips a little when getting in the car, but I don't know how it wouldn't if I want ease of use. Absolutely perfect and it protects my leather seats.

Ernest, thanks for your purchase, and review!!! We're so glad you're enjoying your Dry Rub Mild...you're using it just like it was designed to be used!
Great product

Just do yourself a favor and grab two. One for you and one for your passenger seat, workouts are more fun with friends, and you'll save your seats!

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review, James. You're smart to get one for your passenger seat, too!!!
Spice wrap seat belt cover

Got these for my Chevy Silverado 2500 personal / work truck.
They work 100% excellent not too big and bulky you barely know they're there just an awesome product to keep the funk off the seatbelt.
Got these two complement my spice rub medium seat covers great decision.

You're the man, Rick! Thanks so much for the review :-)
Dry Rub Med

Bought the seat covers for my Chevy Silverado 2500 passenger and driver seat. This is my personal and work truck so I'm in and out of it a lot everyday and the seat cover stay in place very well, fit and finish is excellent and they seem to be very durable.
If I could change one thing I would add a strap to the upper part of the back seat cover because it tends to roll when you get in the vehicle behind your back.
Awesome product definitely would recommend them 100%

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review, Rick. We're so glad you're enjoying the product, and we appreciate your suggestion to make it even better!
Spice Rub Seat Belt Cover

I ordered the seat belt cover and am enjoying it. It arrived quickly, and it really does the job. Great product!!

Thanks so much for your purchase, and your review, Susan...we're so glad you're enjoying your Spice Wrap!
Right tool for the job... and comfortable too

I had been looking for something like the Dry Rub seat cover for a long time. Previously I just threw a towel over my seat after a workout. That did not work well. The towel always slipped out of place and just looked bad.
Enter Dry Rub and my problem was solved. The cover slips on easily, stays in place, is comfortable to sit on and looks good. What more could I ask for? The seat belt cover is highly recommended if you sweat for a while after a workout. Just get it! You won't be sorry. Right tool for the right job.

Thanks for your review, Kfir...we're so happy you're loving your Dry Rub products!!!

Dry Rub Medium: Car Seat Cover with Extended Coverage + Seat Anchor

Thanks for purchase, and review, Leala!
Awesome seat covers!

This is my 2nd DryRub seat cover. My 1st one was the “mild” version. Great quality protection, looks & works very well. I ordered my 2nd one, which is the “medium version”, a little extra protection around bottom of seat, and also stays in place great. Couldn’t be happier! Highly recommend for anyone with an active lifestyle!

Thanks so much for your repeat purchase Jason, and review...we're so glad you're loving both your Dry Rub Mild and Medium seat covers. You ROCK!
Best Seat Cover!

I’ve had my seat cover for a few days now and I love it! I got the Medium and I’m so happy I did. The extra coverage is perfect. It has already worked like a charm and I can’t wait to try it out more with future workouts and beach trips!

We're so glad you're loving your Dry Rub Medium, Angela...thanks so much for your purchase, and review!!!
Dry Rub medium

Have only had the covers for a little over a week but I can make certain observations. The packaging is 1st class and the covers appear to be very well made. Installation was a cinch...they were on literally in a minute. Time will tell how durable they are but I have a sense they will last a long time. At this point, very pleased with the purchase.

Thanks so much for your purchase, Lawrence...and we're so glad you're enjoying the product!
Seat covers

These are ok seat covers. I actually like the cheaper old version I have in my Toyota FJ. They need a better way to anchor the bottom of the seat covers. I understand it’s a one size fits all but the fit in my Subaru WRX sti is crap. So if you have this car don’t buy these seat covers. They are awesome for after CrossFit

We're sorry to hear the cover isn't fitting as well as you'd like. Send us a note to love@getdryrub.com if you'd like to exchange it for a different version or return the product for a refund. We are glad you like it for after Crossfit, though...that's exactly what we designed these for!

Great product and the best seat covers I have purchased!

Thanks for sharing that, Tristan...we're so glad you're enjoying your Dry Rub!
Spice Wrap Seatbelt Cover - A Must Have!

I bought this to go with my Dry Rub seat cover- both are awesome. High Quality, Durable. The seatbelt wrap is a must, if you are sweaty enough for a seat cover, you know your chest is too and you don’t want a stinky seatbelt. Well made wrap secured with Velcro, much nicer than others I have had. Get the set.

Thanks for sharing that, Barbara...we're so glad you're loving your Dry Rub seat cover and seat belt cover, too!

Like it a lot!

Thanks for sharing that Lori, we're so glad you're enjoying it!
Great belt

I've tried a lot of different belts over the years, this one gives me great support and is comfortable directly on my skin. I'm will be using this one everyday I workout!

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review, Bob...we're glad you're loving your Spice Wrap seat belt cover!

Well made product. Easy on/off. Appears to block moisture transfer to seats very well. Seat coverage is good and will likely work for most people and seat sizes. Haven't needed to wash it yet however it doesn't seem that that will be a problem. -Thanks!

Thanks for your purchase, and for sharing your experience with the product :)