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Great product

I had originally bought the mild car seat for my Toyota Tundra. It turned out to be a little small for me as it didnt quite cover the front of the seat. I was not sure what size I needed for my truck when I ordered it and thought the Mild would be the right fit. I did not originally purchase the Medium cover as I thought the shroud would get caught in the seat moving mechanism or tracks. In wrote this in my original review. After reading that review, the Dry Rub company emailed me back and assured me that the Medium cover would not get caught. After a few emails, I decided to keep the Mild and get the Medium at a discount. The Dry Rub people were great, understood my concerns and wanted to make sure that I was completely satisfied. This product is not only worth the money, but also the company is dedicated to make sure their customers are happy.

Jason, thanks so much for purchasing the Mild and Medium covers and we're glad we were able to find the best product that fits your vehicle :-) Thanks for sharing your experience as well!
Looks clean, smells clean, must be clean!

I have had a Dry Rub seat cover for 2 weeks of training where I drive 45 minutes home afterwards and 2 SPARTAN races, from sweat to the waterways of the wilderness I have soaked and covered this seat in mud and more. How is their no odor? Idk how is it so easy to clean off? Idk! Why haven’t you purchased one yet!!! IDK!!!

Gene, thanks so much for your purchase and review :-) We LOVE that you're loving your Dry Rub Mild seat cover. Keep on crushing those Spartan Races!!!
Not a good fit

It’s a nice seat cover but it does not fit my seat very well. It’s cumbersome getting in and out of the car.

Hey Shelley. Thanks for your purchase, and feedback. We're sorry to hear you're not loving the product - we offer easy returns so feel free to get in touch with us at love@getdryrub.com to discuss options.
Good product

The fabric is nice and soft. It stays cool in a hot vehicle.
However, I feel that the cover is a tad small for my Toyota Tundra truck seat. I have the head rest up a few notches which causes the front edge of the seat to be exposed. This exposes the front of the seat to sweaty calves depending on how I'm sitting in the truck. I thought about getting the Medium with the shroud, but was not sure if it would get caught in the seat mechanisms.
Overall, I'm happy with the purchase and would buy another one if needed.

Hey Jason! Thanks so much for your purchase, and review! Yes, Dry Rub Medium is a bit larger than Dry Rub Mild and also includes a seat skirt so that product does offer a bit more coverage - it should not interfere with your seat mechanisms. If you want to try that just contact us at love@getdryrub.com and we'll get you taken care of.
Great Job

Feels great, great fit. Stays in place and is still very comfortable. Worth the price.

Joe, thank you very much for your purchase, and review!

Love the seat cover. Fits and looks great. Well made, and sturdy. It’s hot and humid here in south Texas. Working outside clothes get wet with sweat, and the Dry Rub cover completely protects the truck seat. I highly recommend.

Ed, thanks so much for your purchase, and review! We're so glad you're loving your Dry Rub cover :-)

So easy to install and use. Quite comfy as well!

Lex, we're so glad you're enjoying your seat belt cover, and thank you for your review!!!

These covers are wonderful! Great protection, easy to clean, and a snap to install and remove! Plus, the skirt (Medium) keeps the lower cover in place -- just what I was looking for! Thanks for a great product AND service!

Thank you so much for your purchase, and review!!! We're thrilled you're loving your Dry Rub Medium seat cover and that it's just what you were looking for :-)
Excellent Product

The cover fits my seat belt perfectly, is very comfortable, and does it's job. The customer service was great as well, ordered and had my product in no time.

James - thank you so much for your order, and review! We're so glad you're enjoying the product :-)
Needs one more thing...

The product itself is good but it could use an elastic around the bottom of the back of the seat to hold in place. Elastic at bottom no use for my car

Gail, thanks for your purchase, and for your review. You may want to try our Medium version, which includes a seat anchor that offers more stability in the seat. Contact us at love@getdryrub.com if you'd like to learn more. Thanks again!!!
Spice Wrap Seat Belt Cover.

Like it but wish it would stay in place more

Barbara, thank you for your purchase, and review! We're glad you're liking the product - the velcro closure is adjustable so you should be able to make it tighter. If you're having trouble please contact us at love@getdryrub.com so we can get you taken care of. Thanks again!!!
Good not great

I really like the concept of these carseat covers but the fit was a little disappointing. I have a 2011 mdx and the cover cannot go around the bottom due to the way the seat is bolted to the floor. I wish the dry rub covers could unclip instead of just tighten and it would stay so much better. Right now, all I can do is just set it on top of the seat with the head rest in place. Debating if I should return them...

Hi Katie. We're sorry to hear your Dry Rub Mild isn't fitting your vehicle as well as you'd like, and we appreciate your feedback. Based on your vehicle and what you're describing, Dry Rub Medium would likely give you much more stability on your seat - Dry Rub Mild is meant to be a VERY quick install and removal with less stability, Dry Rub Medium takes a few more seconds to install but stays in place better. Please contact us at love@getdryrub.com and we can discuss an exchange/return for this other version.
My experience

I love this product, I just finished my workout today and was sweaty. I pulled out my dry rub seat cover and drove off without worrying about getting my seat all sweaty. Best product for all athletes , a must have!

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review, Richie! We're so glad you're enjoying your Dry Rub seat cover :-)

I like your product. Light weight. Keeps seeT off my seats after a hard workout.

Bobby, thanks for purchasing your new Dry Rub product, and for your review!!!
Solid product

Purchased because I was tired of having my seat belt cut into the side of my neck, causing irritation. It works great for that, much better than a cheaper one I had in the past. What spurred me to buy this product now was an account I heard recently of a man in a nearby town who died from a neck injury inflicted by his seat belt during a wreck. Not saying this would serve to protect necks during such circumstances, but I feel better having this in my car, for comfort's sake if for nothing else! It is attractive as well.

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review! We're thrilled you're loving your Spice Wrap seat belt cover :-)
Clean seat belt

They are PERFECT size and comfort beyond words.

Thanks so much for your review, Laila...we're so glad you're enjoying them!
Kept the seat cool.

I wished there is some type of strap that would give the back a snug fit. The one strap on the bottom and the head rest covers hold it in place, but still slides as I exit the car. The seat cover moves and when I re-enter the seat moves toward the seat belt buckle, this covers the buckle.
But the seat belt covers are PERFECT to the TEE for my Highlander. Material are wonderful, soft to the touch

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review, Laila. We're glad you're loving the seat belt covers. We're not sure why your Dry Rub Medium is shifting around...normally the seat anchor + buckle around the seat skirt would prevent that from happening. Would you mind taking a pic of the product in your vehicle and sending it to us at love@getdryrub.com? We can help ensure it's working properly and if not, we're happy to issue a refund.
Fantastic Service

Customer Service is fantastic as the my were able to help me out of a jam with ease. Can’t thank them enough and love the product.

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review David. We're thrilled we were of service and that you're loving the product!!!

Not real happy with product. They were shorter than I realized even though they were as long as description said. The emblem was then smaller also. Still like the pepper, thinking of taking it off these pads and attaching it to a better set of pads.

Hi Alan. Thanks for your review, and purchase. We're sorry to hear you're not loving the product. We do include the dimensions so everyone can see how long the seat belt cover is, but we understand if it's not working for you. We do offer easy returns so if you'd like to do that please contact us at love@getdryrub.com. Also, we are releasing a longer version later this year so stay tuned for that! We're also glad you're liking the pepper icon...we love that too!!!
Excellent covers

The seat belt covers are excellent ! I got two !

Thank you for your purchase, and review, Brenda! We're thrilled you're loving the Spice Wrap seat belt covers :-)
Great products for those who sweat

I am a runner and also do hot yoga so I sweat a lot. The seatbelt cover is a game changer! This was the only place I was able to find one. I didn’t want the seatbelt on my nice new car to end up all sweaty and crusty like my other one. Ew. Also got the seat cover to match. I had a seat cover before but this one is far superior quality and doesn’t stink up my car. Highly recommend.

Hey Nicole. Thanks much for your purchase, and review. We're so glad you're loving the seat belt cover and the seat cover, too :-) Great job with running AND hot yoga!!!
Sent Belt Relief!

Seatbelts have irritated my skin for years, especially in summer clothing, but this fixes it and is not super noticeable (I bought the solid black) I love it, and plan to get another one for our other car!

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review, Mary! We're so glad you're loving your Dry Rub seat belt cover :-)
Love the seat belt cover!

I ordered my seat belt cover to keep my seat belt clean after workouts. Easy to install. Only wish it “slide” around so much.

Either way, great investment!

Al, thank you for your purchase, and review! We're glad you're loving the product. If you haven't already, please try tightening the cover by fastening the velcro a little closer together...that should do the trick! If you need help please contact us at love@getdryrub.com. Thanks again for your purchase :-)
Exactly What I Was Looking For

Ordered this seatbelt protector to protect my sensitive skin not my seatbelt. It does a great job and is nice quality material that has no funky odors. I am a small build person so it does slide up and down some but I just re-adjust the position and it’s fine. The. Charcoal color blends perfectly with my black seatbelt. Very happy with this purchase.

Thanks so much for the review Linda, and we're so glad you're enjoying the seat belt protector! You can try closing the cover a bit tighter if you'd like to have less movement over your seat belt. Contact us at love@getdryrub.com if you'd like more about how to do this. Thanks again!!!

loved it!

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review, Jack! We're so glad you're loving it :-)