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Best product ever

This has been amazing. After crossfit I am soaked from head to toe in sweat. Having this helps me protect my seat.

Thank you for your purchase, and review, Kevin! Keep on crushing those WOD's!!!
Best Seat Cover

As an avid runner and fitness professional as well as a sales consultant, I’m often on the go. I will get in my car sweaty from a run or the gym, drive home, shower and then jump in my car. This seat cover is the only cover I’ve used that I can sweat on and thirty minutes later, sit back down in a suit and there is no scent or sweat! Love it and recommend it to anyone who is active!

Thanks so much for sharing that Madeline, and we're glad you're loving your Dry Rub!!!!

Hands down the best sear cover I have tried. No more wet, sweaty seat after a run! Thank you!

Thanks for your purchase, and review, Anthony...and keep it up with those runs!!!!
Love this!!!

I totally love this product and have already recommended it to some fellow OCR athletes. I can’t wait for them to get on board!

Thanks so much for your purchase Katie, and for sharing the love!!!!
Awesome seat covers!

These seat covers fit on my Hyundai Sonata perfect! These protect my seats from boot camps, 100 mile bike rides and my 3 year old! Whenever they get dirty I just throw them in the washer machine on the gentle cycle saving hundreds of dollars and many hours at the car detailing shop!

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review, Maurice! We're glad Dry Rub is keeping your car clean through your very active lifestyle!
Sweaty seats no more

I’ve been debating whether to get seat covers for my car to protect my seats from smelly gym and workout stench AND me from sticking to my leather seats but finally decided, yes it’s time. I researched many generic car seat covers and came across Dry Rub from some obstacle course racers I follow on Instagram. I messaged with a Dry Rub rep and they answered all my questions about fit and recommendations on which seat cover to get and I was impressed. Got my Mild seat cover in the mail and I’m sure my car and myself are happy with the purchase. It keeps me comfortable when sitting on my seats and it protects my car seats too. Great purchase, no regrets! Get yours today. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks Jay B...you're the man, and we're glad you're loving your Dry Rub!
Quality product!

This seat cover (Dry Rub Mild) is well made:
-fit is good (Honda CR-V, 17);
-stitching and overall construction looks relable and accurate;
-material feels nice and comfortable to sit on;
-extremely easy to put on/off. It slides just a bit. Storage bag adds convenience.
It serves the main purpose - protecting your seats from sweat and car from smell.
Thank you for the quality product!

Thank YOU Jacob!
Easy on, easy off

These are perfect quick covers for those of us who want our cars to look and smell nice, but don’t want to invest in a full-on permanent seat cover. This cover slips on in seconds and folds into its own little backpack that fits just right under the seat. Highly recommend this.

Thanks so much for your purchase, and review!
Works perfect

This thing is awesome. Protects my R as it should, but packs away easily. LOVE IT!!

Thank you Tony!!! We're glad you've loving it :-)
Dry Rub Seat Cover

Great product! Definitely works very well after a sweaty work out. When its left on for normal use it gets a little hot but so glad it came with a cinch sac. I store mine in there till the next workout! Must buy for a athlete fore sure!

Thanks for your purchase, and review, Dustin...and we're glad you're enjoying the product!
Got what I wanted

I received my Dry Rub last week just in time for my weekend running days. I used it both days and it did exactly the job I purchased it to do - it kept the sweat off my car seats.

I have a Mazda hatchback and the fit is good. The entire seat is covered and the Dry Rub cover stayed in place.

I would recommend this to anyone trying to protect their car seats from sweat.

Thanks so much for your purchase, and for sharing your experience with it here Rob!

Dry Rub Mild: Car Seat Cover

Sorry you don't love it, Brady :-(
Crossfit worthy

I do Crossfit every day and sweat like crazy!! My Dry Rub has been a life saver in protecting my leather seats. It’s was so easy to install and stays put going in and out

Woohoo thanks so much for your purchase and review, Casey. We're glad you're loving your Dry Rub!
Love Love Love

My Dry Rub car seat cover is awesome. The quality is top notch and works much better than alot of the other ones out there I have tried. Definitely a recommended product.

Thanks for your purchase, and review, Nicole...we're so happy you're loving Dry Rub!
Love it, but...

Love it. It keeps my seat from smelling after a hot crossfit workout. I only have one issue, the strap does not fit correctly around my seat to keep it in place. I bought the dry tub right after I purchased my 2018 Chevy Traverse so I could keep the seat clean. Now I have to keep adjusting it.
Fix that and I would give it a 5.

Hey Susan. Thanks much for your purchase, and review. It sounds weird but in some vehicles Dry Rub is actually more stable when you do NOT use the bottom strap, so give that a shot and let us know how that works for you. If it does not, we have a couple other things we can do, so just let us know and we'll get you taken care of :-)
Works like a charm!!!

I honestly haven’t taken this off my seat since I installed it. It looks like it belongs there. I’m afraid to take it off in case I forget to put it on after the gym or any other work I do. I’m a car detailer and constantly work outside. By the time I’m done with a job, the last thing I want to do is sit on my car seat. This eliminates me messing my seats up and it looks great. Thank you for this product. It’s awesome!

Thanks so much for your purchase and review Austrin! We're so glad you're enjoying your Dry Rub :-)
Excellent product!

I moved from hot n’ humid North Carolina, to even hotter and more humid Florida. The dry rub will definitely save my car seat, especially after doing CrossFit in this humidity!

Thanks so much for your purchase and review, Jon. We hope you’re loving Florida!
Runners Gift

This is the second type of cover I have ordered. It is a smart design that is easy to put on and remove. A great gift.

Thanks much for your purchase and review, Robert...we're glad you're loving it!
Dry Rub/Jeep Review

I love the concept. When received, the product was very easy to install and the material is very comfortable. The only issue I have is the lack of ability to secure the middle of the cover to my Jeep seat. I am going to sew on a strap to secure the cover at the bottom back portion of my seat back. A small stray with plastic clip should take care of it. I suggest this be added to the product.

Hey Jimmie. Thanks much for your purchase, and your review. We're actually releasing a new version of Dry Rub that has additional features designed to add more stability to the seat, for people who want that option. Stay tuned for an announcement from us in the next week or two with details. Also, if you're not happy with the product, we offer easy returns so just send us a note to love@getdryrub.com and we'll get you taken care of.
Awesome and practical product

Such an awesome product! I do a lot of runs and obstacle course races which means I had to drive back in my car all sweaty and muddy. Now, I can drive back in comfort and keep my car from getting dirty and smelling bad. I definitely recommend this to everyone, especially obstacle course racers!

Thanks so much for your review, Luke, and we're glad you're loving Dry Rub!
Happy customer

I really enjoy the convenience and quality of Dry Rub. My favorite part is that I can actually put my sweaty head on the headrest, which you can't do with a towel on your seat.

Keith...thanks so much for your purchase, and for your review! We're glad you've upgraded from the towel :-)
Red Chili

I like the product, although I can't use the seat strap it stays on fine. Glad I got it, thank you.

Thanks for your purchase, and review, Doug!
No more body contortions need

The Dry Rub seat cover is super easy to install after grueling CrossFit WODs. I no long need to try keeping a towel from falling down or getting scooted into a bunch when I cover the leather seat bottom and back in my new car. And it's extremely easy to remove and store in the trunk.

Thanks so much for your purchase, Frank! And we're glad you upgraded from the towel :-) You're the best!
Does exactly what they promote

I just received it over the weekend and put it to use right away Monday morning after crossfit. Just bought a new car and didn’t want it to start smelling like a locker room. Love it so far and bought two to rotate when washing the other.

Lisa, thanks so much for purchasing your Dry Rub's and we're so glad you're loving them!!!
Perfect - it’s great

Perfect for when you’re sweating or just finished training. So much better than a towel draped over the seat. Will use it also for my boys when picking up at practices. Extremely satisfied!

Win, thanks so much for your order and your review...we're so glad you're loving your Dry Rub!!!