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best car seat covers for uber drivers

Keep Your Car Fresh and Get Better Reviews

Sitting in your car for hours on end can lead to bad odors and stained seats, which are the last thing you need when you're trying to impress your customers. 

Moisture from sweat can ruin your cloth or leather car seats. Do yourself a favor and protect your investment with the ONLY seat cover designed specifically for YOU!

Born out of the need to protect car and truck seats from body oils and sweat after intense activities, Dry Rub is perfect to keep your car safe and fresh. So go ahead and pick up your customers - Dry Rub® waterproof car seat covers will be there to keep you comfortable and your seats protected!

Why Dry Rub? 

Dry Rub® is perfect for Uber and Lyft drivers, or anyone in their car a lot. The dual-layer build allows Dry Rub® to be both breathable and sweat-proof so you can drive in comfort and style while preventing moisture, stains and smells from ruining your car or truck. Dry Rub is:

  • Designed in the USA (go, Merica!)
  • Breathable
  • Light-weight
  • Universal fit and installs in a few seconds
  • Machine washable

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 What Our Customers Are Saying

"Great product. Does what it says and easy to take on and off!!! Will be ordering more."  

"I have cloth seats and I kept having to put my seat back all the way back when I drove because my back was so sweaty. Not anymore. And washing the cover is easy. Thanks again!"

"Loving the Dry Rub. Leather seats not getting sweaty and smelling and it’s a breeze to put on and off. Well done!"

"Just got my Dry Rub seat cover and put to good use right away. It's so nice knowing that I'm not ruining my seats after a hard workout. Easy to slip on and love that it's machine washable."