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Why This Runner LOVES Dry Rub

Why This Runner LOVES Dry Rub

Have we told you that we LOVE when our customers share their love of Dry Rub? Well, one of our recent customers shared a video about our products with her running group, so we thought we'd show you exactly what this awesome lady thinks of it :-)

Here's her story - we've replaced the names of the other seat covers with emoji's to protect all of those involved 🤫

"I recently started ultra running after running for recreation my entire life. I have completed two 50K's in the past year and am training for a 50-miler in December and live in south Florida where it's very hot and humid most of the year.

I recently got a new Ford Edge and my husband was mortified when he saw me jump in the car after running with no seat protector! He told me to try a towel, so I did. But of course, I soaked right through the towel no matter how many layers I used. Then he bought me a 😶 ($28) and I soaked through that! Then he got me a 🤭 ($16.50 on Amazon) that was a little better but my seats were still wet when I got out of the car.

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So...he tried the Dry Rub and they're the only covers that I don't soak through. He recently bought me the seat belt cover, which is amazing! I can't tell you how many runners sit in my passenger seat after a run that won't put the seat belt on because they don't want to "sweat on it" which annoys me because of the safety issue so now they can put my seat belt on with confidence.

So thanks for making a product that is far superior to anything else out there!"

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