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What Makes Dry Rub Different?

What Makes Dry Rub Different?

We get asked all the time what makes Dry Rub products different than other seat covers and accessories, and our answer is typically something like "well, they're the BEST!"

That said, we wanted to provide a more detailed answer that explains why athletes from all walks of life consistently give Dry Rub products 5-star reviews. 

The Dry Rub Difference

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1. Quality

Dry Rub seat covers feature a double-layer build that allows them to be both breathable and water-proof, so you can be comfortable on your drive home no matter what type of workout you just crushed.

Whether you've just finished a run, surf, swim, or other type of athletic session, Dry Rub products will keep you cool and comfortable while your car or truck seat is fully protected. 

2. Easy to Use

Dry Rub products are super easy to use - they install in seconds, are simple to clean, and can be taken off of your vehicle in no time at all. The simplicity and ease makes them the perfect after workout seat covers so you can spend more time getting fit and less time worrying about the funky smell that's lurking in your vehicle. 


3. Protection That Lasts

There's a reason athletes from all walks of life consistently give Dry Rub products 5-star reviews. That's because Dry Rub products are designed in the USA and are built for the most rugged athletes.

Our products have been battle-tested by Obstacle Course Racers, CrossFitters, Triathletes and more, and one thing has been proven - no matter what your sport, no matter how dirty or funky you can get...Dry Rub products have your back and are designed to stand the test of time.

The Dry Rub Difference: Feature Grid

Dry Rub waterproof seat covers are the perfect after-workout seat covers no matter your fitness level or favorite activity. You can check out the latest offerings here


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