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12 Days of Fitness

12 Days of Fitness

Do the holidays and New Year normally sabotage your fitness goals? Not this year!

We’ve teamed up with top-level athletes and experts across all sorts of areas of expertise to bring you a series of tips called the 12 Days of Fitness. Apply these tips to your life throughout the rest of 2017 and all of 2018 so you can stay as fit as a reindeer and avoid getting too much jelly in yo belly! 

1. Kevin Gillotti

fitness, triathlete, competitor, kevin gillotti

"Don't participate in cheat meals. There's no reason to reward yourself with shitty food and undo the hard work. If pain is weakness leaving the body then it's cheat meal is weakness entering the body.

You're going to see a lot of people making bad nutritional choices during the holidays and think it's okay because social media as led people to believe a cheat meal is okay but it's not it Just sets a precedent and a tone for future habits."

2. Pat Flynn

kettlebells, fitness

"Set a daily exercise quota. It could be push ups, pull ups, Kettlebells swings, doesn’t matter. Whatever you’re interested in or want to work on. From there pick a challenge (but doable) number of reps to accomplish everyday. But don’t do them all at once. Rather indulge in movement snacks—little bit here, little bit there—to keep endorphins and metabolism elevated."

3. Shellie Edington

crossfit, masters athlete

Shellie recommends using experts to stay at the top of your game. Here's who Shellie uses to stay at the top of hers!
"#1 A Great Coach
#2 A Great Massage Therapist
#3 A Great Chiropractor"

4. Dr. Ryan Godfrey PT

physical therapy, fitness

Tip #1:

"Whether you’re a weightlifter, runner, or just looking to be fit and healthy, strength training needs to be the cornerstone of any athlete’s program. More importantly, master your technique for foundational movements like the squat and deadlift before worrying about how much is on the bar, and you’ll enjoy a pain free life!"

Tip #2:

"The fundamental difference between elite athletes and recreational athletes isn’t the amount of training they do. Rather, it’s how much time they put into recovery; adequate sleep, nutrition, and self maintenance of their bodies to perform at a high level."

5. Aja Barto

crossfit, fitness

"The holidays are an easy time to get comfortable. Don’t let that happen. Don’t lose sight of the work you’ve put in all year long to get to where you’re at right now. Allow your year long dedication to keep your furnace hot. Stay consistent and make effective decisions that support your goals.”

“During the holiday season temptation will be at every turn. Understand that we’re all human and we will at times consciously make less than optimal decisions. That’s ok. It’s ok if we’re mindful of these decisions, if these decisions are worthwhile and if there is no guilt and no shame accompanied with these decisions. Enjoy. Savor. Move on.”
“Traveling during the holidays? Don’t let that be an excuse to fall out of your routine. Prepare ahead of time and find the facilities, grocery stores and restaurants that will help support your lifestyle regimen and routine. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. A little can go a long way in the sense of maintaining where you’re at.”

6. Laura Messner 

obstacle course racer, spartan race, fitness

"When cooking it’s all about the spices and herbs! They give you the ability to make any “boring” food taste amazing!"
"For anything it’s important to truly develop your “WHY” ... this will help you during those times when your excuses try to overpower what YOU KNOW you need to do. Beat the mind game. Find your why!"

7. Kim Lawrance

strongwoman, strongman, fitness, strong

"Slowing down to hurry up to me means - to not skip a step , slow down and do it right the first go about. We are all eager in life to excel and go quicker but “quicker” isn’t always the best route in fitness or in life . If you get hurt because your so eager to win in the fitness world - now what - you’re out ? You body wasn’t ready and now you’re out for 6 months . Wouldn’t it had been easier to just slow down , smell the roses , and put the time and work in???

Slow down in order do things correctly to the best of your ability so you don’t have to go back and redo something. Be determined. Be purposeful . Be strong . Be you 💪🏻"

8. Brakken Kraker

obstacle course racer, spartan, fitness

"The secret of fitness is that there is no secret. No magic training plan. No ultimate workout. It is simply a day in, day out commitment to consistency."

9. Barclay Stockett

ninja warrior, fitness

"Find a way to have fun with fitness. If you aren’t enjoying yourself, branch out and look for a different way to exercise. If a traditional gym bores you, check out aerial silks, parkour, trapeze, acro yoga, or a ninja warrior gym! There are so many options! Once you find a way to stay healthy that you enjoy, workout no longer feels like work."

10. John Salter

mma, jujitsu, john salter, fitness

"When doing core work, make sure to do back extensions along with ab work. This will help prevent lower back problems."

11. Kimberly Alexis

swimsuit, kimberly alexis, model, fitness, booty

"Hip thrusters have been my ultimate go to lately for growing the booty! Doesn't always have to be heavy weight, high reps work as well. I also try to incorporate at least one leg exercise in every work out."

12. Heather Gollnick

fitness, triathlete

"When short on time in the gym do compound lifts and movements such as squats or jump squats, pull ups, bench press, shoulder press, lunges or jump lunges. These movements require multiple muscle groups maximizing your time

If short on time for cardio after a warm up add in intensity such as 8x 1 min fast / 1minute easy to maximize your time"

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