Dry Rub Mild: Car Seat Cover

Burpees stink. Your car doesn’t have to. The Dry Rub® Mild car seat cover provides a breathable, sweat-proof barrier between you and your seat so you can avoid the stank and keep your car or truck smelling fresh and clean.

    ✓ Machine washable.
    ✓ Designed in the US.
    ✓ Free shipping for orders over $50 in the US.
    ✓ Easy returns or exchanges within 90 days of purchase.

    Customer Reviews

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    Great product for athletes!

    I have been searching for the proper seat cover to use in my truck. Found it!

    Woohooo we're so happy you're enjoying the seat cover and it's working well in your truck, Reggie! Thanks so much for your purchase, and review :-)

    Mild review

    For the money spent, I was hoping to give a 5-star review, but sadly no. Although this seat cover is better than the neoprene (dive-suit material) cover that I had been using, it's not great. It does not fit my CR-V seat well, the logo piping is uncomfortable to rest your back on, and the one flimsy strap that holds the bottom part of the seat cover on is pretty useless. I would return it, but I've already tossed out the box and receipt. Sorry, Dry Rub!

    Lee, we're sorry to hear you're not loving your Dry Rub seat cover. Feel free to get in touch with our customer service team at

    Great Product

    I got this for my Dad for his birthday. He drives to workout and to run at the track. He was using a garbage bag because his previous seat cover tore in the washing machine. He loves this one and it’s machine washable. This is the best picture I could get from him. It looks to fit well.

    Hi Ann-Marie. Thanks for your purchase, and review! We're so glad to hear that your Dad isn't using a garbage bag anymore (wow, that can't be comfortable!!!) and that you helped him upgrade :-)

    Car Seat Cover

    Fits well in my Volvo XC40. thanks.
    Perfect way to protect my seats from all the dirt and sweat.

    Thanks so much for your purchase, and review!!!

    Dry Rub Mild: Car Seat Cover

    Very nicely made, I really like the feel of the material. Fits my FORD F150 perfect. No more sticking and sliding around in my leather seats.

    Hi Karen. Thanks for your purchase, and review! We're so glad you're not slipping, sticking or sliding on your Ford F150 anymore :-)