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Best Adult Halloween Costumes to Show Off Your Fit Body

Best Adult Halloween Costumes to Show Off Your Fit Body

Halloween is the one time a year you're allowed to show off all of those gains you've been working on without coming across as obnoxious. Gym bathroom selfies are not allowed! 

So on this day, skip the candy, grab a protein shake, and gear up so you can let the world know what you've been working on. 

Conan the Barbarian

Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer are classic movies that are nostalgic for any child of the 80's.

What you'll need: lots of confidence, tooth necklace, sword, some slathered on sweat, and a physique that can compare with Arnold himself. 

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a classic superhero who can stop men in their tracks with her raw beauty, strength and super powers. 
What you'll need: high heels. Red tights. Blue skirt. Wonder woman emblem. 


"You're not hunting him. He's hunting YOU."

What you'll need for the costume: a major attitude, chip on your shoulder, and abs of steel. 

The Hulk

Everyone's favorite green superhero was so much better when played by a real life person, none other than Lou Ferigno. This costume is perfect if you want to stand out for your mass without investing in much.
What you'll need: some torn jeans, green body paint, and about 10 years of bodybuilding behind you. 

Conor MacGregor

Everyone's favorite UFC fighter is known for his attitude, lavish lifestyle and impeccable skills in the octagon. This is the perfect costume for lean and mean dudes who want lots of attention.

What you'll need: body paint for the tattoo. Beard. MMA shorts and gloves. 

Ronda Rousey

Want to channel your inner bad-ass this halloween? Look no further than UFC champ Ronda Rousey for inspiration. 
What you'll need: MMA gloves, Red or white shorts. Black sports bra. Desire to hit everything that comes in front of you. 


Tarzan had women across the globe going ape-shit because of Alexander Skarsgård. Want that type of attention? If you've been working hard in the gym all year, this could be the way to go.

What you'll need: ripped abs and jacked shoulders, a loin cloth, wig, and the desire to swing from trees all night.

The Rock

Can ya smell, what the Rock is cooking??? Playing the Rock is great because there are so many of his identities you can choose - wrestler, characters in any of movies, or social media icon pumping iron! 
What you'll need: giant muscles. Tattoo. Elbow pads. Wrestling boots and briefs. Add pancakes and sushi (his favorite cheat meals) for the win. 

Richard Simmons

Image source: Los Angeles Times
Nobody exuded 80's fitness exuberance quite like Richard Simmons. If you're feeling flamboyant and want to have lots of fun on Halloween, channel this fitness legend and start sweating to the oldies!
What you'll need: leotard, sparkles, wig, flamboyant attitude. 

Jane Fonda

Image source: Warner Bros 

Jane Fonda is synonymous with fitness. Her beauty and moves had millions of people getting fit. You can embody her this Halloween with just a few items.
What you'll need: bright spandex or leotard, giant cotton socks, beauty for days. 

Marathon Runner Forrest Gump

Shit happens. So does running, chocolate, and Bubba Gump shrimp. You can embody Forrest with some running gear and a stupid-is-as-stupid-does attitude.

What you'll need: red running shorts. yellow t-shirt, giant beard, wig and red hat.

Britney Spears with Snake

If we ever come back as a snake, it's gonna be the one that gets to hang out with Britney when she's wearing this outfit. If you've got pop-star looks and want to embody Britney, grab your gear and get ready to make all the other girls jealous.

What you'll need for the costume: rainforest shorts, green sports bra, microphone and a giant anaconda.  Just don't tell us where you got that last one.

Doctor Manhattan

Doctor Manhattan is the ultimate combination of brilliance, strength and super powers. He's the perfect costume for guys who aren't shy...and don't live in cold climates, either.

What you'll need: blue trunks. Blue body paint. Nuclear energy and a cosmic attitude. 

Rosie the Riveter

Want to rep one of the strongest American female icons of all time, while showing off your thunder thighs and squat booty? Look no further than Rosie. 
What you'll need: blue shorts, blue cropped shirt, heels and a good old American atittude.